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How To

In order to send password to this page you first need to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Download and install needed app on your phone/tablet
    • Keepass2Android Password Manager (online or offline version)
    • KeeLink Plug-In for Keepass2Android (here)
  2. Open this page on the device you want to send the password.
  3. Open Keepass2Android and click on KeeLink button 'Send' in the password entry context menu
  4. On the opened window you can scan the QR code on this page and wait for password to be sent.

Interested on details? Just go ahead!

How it works

KeeLink has a very simple and strong architecture, it is composed mainly of two parts:

  • The Android one
    • KeeLink Android application acts as a bridge from Keepass2Android to this web page. Every password is retrieved from the Keepass Database (KDBX). Once the password is received, the application waits for the user to scan QR code with its device camera. QR Code contains a simple URL as ksid://yourpersonalanduniquesessionid, so when the QR code is correctly parsed, the password is, firstly, encrypted with an RSA 1024 bit public key and then sent to a database and associated with 'yourpersonalanduniquesessionid'. No other information are sent over network, that is important for you because it is essential for me to mantain your password as safe as possible. More security for your password was added by the HTTPS/SSL protocol that is used for real transmission from your Android device to this site.
  • The PHP one
    • KeeLink PHP application acts only as a simple server that build a custom session ID, random generated, only for you. It is converted to QR Code and dispayed at the top of the page. Once QR is received your page starts querying database and listening for an upcoming password. When password is received, it will be deleted from database.

That's all! But if you don't trust me let's see the source code


KeeLink is designed, developed and supported by Andrea Cioni. All source files used to build this service are hosted, and accessible to everyone on GitHub.

This project is totally open source, built with the support of a lot of wonderful works. Here the list:


KeeLink is a free and no-profit application. If you like and use this application consider to support me by sharing it with other people. Remember that is also possible to donate something in order to support the development and maintenance of all its parts.

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